Sherpa Kids at Star Primary

Star Primary School is in the process of transitioning their after school childcare provision to Sherpa Kids. If you have any queries please contact the school office.

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About Our Routine
Our after-school club has a set routine which children come to know and enjoy. We have a weekly theme, which helps us to design activities which are fun and interesting for children. Children are given time to wash their hands, have a snack, play outside, and then engage in our fun activity. At the end of the afternoon, they can read quietly or do their homework while they wait for you to pick them up.

About Our Weekly Updates
We like to keep our parents updated on the children’s activities, so each week we send out the weekly theme and related activities, and the menu of snacks for the children in advance. All parents will receive this newsletter once they have enrolled with the programme and provided us with an email address.

About Our Snacks
We provide a healthy snack every afternoon to the children. We include plenty of vegetables, choices of fruit and healthy breads and wraps. Children are encouraged to become independent eaters, we encourage them to put together their own snacks, eat at communal tables and learn how to wash up. We will meet dietary requirements of children. However, we also encourage parents to provide their own snacks to children with high-risk allergies.

About Our Carers
The club is run by Star Primary school staff Patsy Turpin, Jerry Cerka, Feime Murseli, Shereena Annan and Tina Kaur.

About Enrolment
We will be keeping separate records of all children attending the club, this is separate from their school records. To ensure we have full information to safely take care of children, every child who attends the club needs to have a separate enrolment form completed and submitted before they can attend.
Enrolment and online booking can be completed via our website  Sherpa Kids.

About Our Fees and Payment Methods
We have three types of fees for the club: (Fees are as of 4th September 2019)

Casual Fee £12.00 per session (same day booking up to 3:00pm) Paid on the day
Regular Fee £10.00 per session Paid every half-term
Weekly Fee £45.00 per week Paid every half-term

Our fees are designed to give parents flexibility. For advance bookings, we send invoices at the beginning of each half-term. You may discuss payment plan options with us, and you have the opportunity to cancel with 2 weeks’ notice.
Weekly Fee – this is a special rate which offers the best value to parents.

Payment methods
We accept payment by bank transfer or childcare vouchers. Please contact us at if you would like to use childcare vouchers. Bank transfer details will be provided in the Parents Handbook and on invoices for parents who pay every half-term.

About Our Ofsted Registration Number
Sherpa Kids are in the process of applying for an Ofsted registration, as this process can take a number of weeks, the club continues to be run by Star Primary. There will be no impact to any applications where you need to provide the Star’s Ofsted registration number as proof of childcare for your children. Once their Ofsted registration number arrives, we will communicate this to you so you can update your records.

About Sherpa Kids
Sherpa Kids Southwark is a franchise of Sherpa Kids, out of school programmes ( We partner with schools and community centres to deliver successful after school clubs and holiday clubs in East London and Southeast London. We manage the entire programme independently from the school so if you have any questions or queries you can come directly to us for support.

Contact Us
The best way to contact us is by email or mobile telephone during club hours 3:15pm – 6:00pm. For on-site and daily questions about the children contact Programme Manager Sinead Tobin ( 07736 298970
For any questions regarding payment options and invoicing you can contact Sherpa Kids (