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The teaching of Art encourages self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. As a Happy School, we are also aware of the contribution creativity plays in the mental health and wellbeing of all individuals. The purpose of the Art curriculum at Star is to enable children to grow their creativity, imagination, knowledge and technique through the teaching of the key Art skills: To develop ideas, to master technique and to take inspiration from the greats. By analysing the work of famous artists, pupils are encouraged to think critically and interpret the world around them. Pupils can then take this inspiration to make decisions regarding their own desired outcome.





The whole school overview for Art, enables pupils to experience working with all the main Art mediums including, drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and collage, (a different one for each half term) with clear progression from one year to the next. We also, where possible, have allowed for cross-curricular links with other subjects. For example when looking at habitats, flora and fauna is represented through Art, and aspects of Science and Geography will overlap. The Theme ‘Express Yourself’ during Spring brings art and creativity to the forefront for the whole school. Additionally every half term, each year group learns about a different Artist whose work links to the Art medium being studied. Pupils leave Star with knowledge of, and have taken inspiration from 36 different Artists. We provide pupils with opportunities to celebrate their work and have it displayed in Art exhibitions held in school and in Canning Town Library. Pupils across the school work with an external artist, creating large pieces of Art, enhancing the school environment.


Our pupils will benefit from all the wonderful, transferable skills that Art education can teach including creativity, problems solving, observation, self expression, perseverance, open mindedness and collaboration. All of these skills link closely to our rights and will contribute to preparing our pupils to be responsible members of society. Pupils are able to draw effectively, with confidence, and transfer this skill to other areas of the national curriculum. Pupils are able to talk about their preferred medium, using artistic vocabulary as well as highlight their favourite artists who have influenced them.

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