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The computing curriculum at Star Primary School develops our pupils’ knowledge and skills through cross curricular and standalone lessons which ensure that each child makes progress not just within a year group but across all phases of development within the school. We expect our pupils to think computationally, applying their computer science skills to solve problems and be safe when using technology. Star pupils use technology to create digital content that empowers their freedom of expression in an ever-changing digital world.

Our pupils have the right to access information from a variety of sources and we teach them how to do this safely and respectfully. Our topic-based computing curriculum ensures our pupils are independent and confident digital learners that are prepared for life-long effectiveness and success.





Children at Star Primary School are developing their computing subject knowledge, skills and understanding to use digital technologies to enhance each learning experience across the wider curriculum. The computing curriculum is implemented through three main strands:

Computer science

  • Problem solving
  • Programming

Information technology

  • Creating content
  • Searching

Digital literacy

  • E-safety
  • IT beyond school
  • Logical thinking

Our pupils learn technology within all subjects to ensure they can hone their skills and apply their digital understanding in different contexts. Knowledge, skills and understanding are taught across the curriculum rather than as a stand-alone to allow pupils to make connections in their learning.


At Star Primary School, our expectations are always high. Our staff and pupils show enthusiasm and excitement for our new computing curriculum and as a result, pupils produce high-quality digital learning, show deeper knowledge of technical concepts as well as refine their computational skills across all three strands of the curriculum. Because our pupils are now increasingly independent in using digital technologies they are able to access safe and trustworthy information about local and global issues which helps them to develop their global citizenship; thinking not only about themselves but of others too. Star pupils can use technology, create ambitious content and be safety-conscious learners.

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