Our mission is to equip children for their future by building strong foundations in Literacy and Language through a broad and balanced cross curricular approach.
Developing a love of reading for pleasure as well as for information is at the heart of what we do at Star. By the end of their time at school, all pupils are able to read fluently with confidence across all subjects.
Pupils will learn through a creatively planned whole school curriculum, building on their imagination and creativity while being empowered through pupil voice. We aim to nurture imagination, while promoting communication and social skills through a focus on drama and oracy. This leads to fluent transcription and effective composition.





Effective provision starts in the Early Years, tackling pupils low starting points in Literacy and Language, through the systematic teaching of reading through Read Write Inc Phonics, opportunities for imaginative learning through role play, encouraging narratives and the modelling of key vocabulary. A systematic approach to the teaching of reading continues with phonics across KS1 and Big Reading across the rest of the school.
From Year 1 to Year 6 children follow the Star Writing programme which takes a child-led, cross-curricular approach. With a focus on oracy, performance and purpose for writing, children develop their writing voice through the explicit exploration of the creative writing processes. Children are introduced to a plethora of high quality model topic texts which link closely to the National Curriculum outcomes.
Vocabulary, spelling, grammar and handwriting are taught explicitly as well as being embedded throughout the curriculum.


By the time children leave Star Primary, they will be confident communicators, passionate readers and enthusiastic writers. All pupils make excellent progress against attainment expectations in English and continue to exceed national and local attainment data at the end of KS1 and KS2.

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