At Star Primary, we want our children to develop a life-long love for mathematics, to understand its relevance to the world they live in and to use mathematics to help them live fulfilling and productive lives. Our mathematics curriculum is designed in a way that helps teachers deliver high quality, engaging lessons. Through this, we intend to develop a deep level of mathematical thinking that children can sustain over time. In turn, this should allow all children to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to reach their mathematical potential and to meaningfully engage with the world they live in through mathematics.





At Star Primary, our maths curriculum is underpinned by the teaching maths for mastery approach using Maths – No Problem, an evidence based approach first developed in Singapore and fully aligned to the National Curriculum. In daily maths lessons all children have opportunities to build deep competency by exploring and explaining mathematical ideas in mixed ability groupings, using manipulatives, pictures, words and numbers. The weekly teaching of mental maths strategies and times table recall, strives towards multiplication fluency by year 4 in conjunction with the statutory Multiplications Tables Check. We are passionate about the power of purposeful and well planned journaling opportunities to help children to reflect, refine and question their mathematical thinking. Children begin journaling in year 1, increasing in frequency to a year 6. We offer all of our children opportunities to complete interactive maths applications centred on times table fluency through Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars.


At Star we create independent mathematicians that are well equipped to face the demands of future advances in technology, requiring mathematical knowledge, thinking and reasoning. Children have a high level of passion and curiosity for Mathematics. They show determination and resilience to pursue new areas of Maths learning. We ensure that we prepare all our children for the future mathematical challenges in their school journey and beyond.

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