Celebrating the end of Newham Heritage Month, Star Primary teamed up with Cody Docks to create a piece of music inspired by the women workers of the docks during World War I.

See below for the 7 minute short film closing with Star Primary’s incredible final performance.




The music curriculum at Star has been built to support sustained progression across year groups. This thread of understanding should grow through the teaching of rhythm and pitch from reception all the way to year 6. The teaching of the inter-related dimensions of music underpins all musical learning at Star and children are encouraged to perform, compose and appraise their creative work in line with the National Curriculum.
We want them to have the ability to sing in tune, sing and play in time and create music of their own, at whatever level they are capable of so that transition to secondary music is seamless. Pupils at Star are excited about their music and participate enthusiastically in the wide range of clubs on offer as well as in their classroom music lessons. The pupils should inspire each other to become the best musicians they can be.





Children at Star learn by participation with a more music, less talking approach.

  • Reception do action songs and nursery rhymes – good use of pitch and rhythm.
  • KS1 learnt basic graphic score and learn to link songs that they know to rhythm grids using unpitched
  • and pitched percussion. This moves into staff notation by the end of year 2 on the recorder.
  • Year 3 continue learning staff notation on the recorder.
  • Year 4 do percussion work before moving to Festival of Voices.
  • Year 5 focus on notation using the treble recorder,
  • Year 6 begin secondary level work including the Blues and IPAD notation.

All activities include playing, singing, composing and appraising. Weekly singing assemblies support cross curricular songs that link to the new topic based curriculum. Music clubs provide curriculum enrichment with many clubs open to all whilst some are for gifted and talented musicians who challenge themselves to learn and do more. We use these clubs to create community links and pupils perform at local community events.


Star children of all ages perform exceptionally both in school events and at public venues. They participate in events such as Rathbone Marketplace Festive Activities, Cody Dock Frost Fair and Big Lunch, Young Voices at the O2, Festival of Voices at Hackney Empire and recently the WellChild Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel where we were named Choir of the Year. Children also perform at our Winter Festival, Summer Festival and Richard House Hospice. Star children are confident musicians and go on to achieve at GCSE and at secondary school.

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