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Through the P.E curriculum at Star, we build on sustained progression from EYFS through to year 6 following the national curriculum. The curriculum is delivered following the areas of acquiring and developing skills, applying skills and using tactics and evaluating and improving performance. Through this progressive approach, year by year their understanding, ability and confidence to perform will grow.
At Star we want all children to enjoy sport and physical activity. We want them to be actively engaged in lessons and develop a lifelong love and understanding of the benefits of physical activity both to their physical and mental health.




  • All children have two lessons in a week, Fit Friday and sports day.
  • EYFS and KS1 work on basic fundamental skills through game based activities, gymnastic activities and dance.
  • Lower KS2 work on specific skills related sports such as Hockey, Rugby, Football and Basketball. Lessons are skill based with small sided/adapted games to imbed learning.
  • Upper KS2 take part in more recognised versions of individual sports following on progressively from skills taught in Lower KS2 and starting develop tactical awareness.KS2 Gymnastics is taught through the progressive Key Steps scheme developing body management, movement and vaulting.
  • Movement/intervention groups for children whose physical literacy requires extra support or children who lack confidence or require a physical outlet.
  • Children can participate in over 25 sport related clubs, school team clubs and development clubs across the whole school.

Children at Star are engaged and happy in PE lessons and show progressive improvement year on year. Children get to represent the school at a variety of levels, from inclusive and SEND sporting events to borough competitions which lead through to potential representation at borough level in the London Youth Games. Children benefit from specialist coaching in clubs by coaches and staff who hold specialist qualifications and get to attend top sporting events. All our children participate in the Big Dance and Sports days, Go Run for Fun events and Fit Friday.

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