Religious Education

RE Ambassadors 2020/21

We are happy to announce the school has selected 5 RE Ambassadors for the whole school. We look forward to working with them and sharing excellent practise of RE at Star.


Inter Faith Week
8th – 15th November

The whole school enjoyed taking part in our inter-faith project and celebrated all cultures and beliefs. Thank you to the whole community and children for such amazing work and great involvement.

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Exploring Faith Through Art

Below are some of our Art Club’s creations based upon different faiths.






At Star we know our rights! Within the Religious Education curriculum children develop a deep understanding of self and identity, respect and tolerance through british values, and begin to challenge their thinking by posing bigger questions to themselves and others around them.
RE at Star brings together the processes of learning, expressing and deploying skills around the study of religions and worldviews. RE consists of children expressing their views and appreciating those of others to also promote pupils` spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development
We prepare pupils to understand religious issues and complexities through which they can handle difference and diversity with confidence.





At Star we follow the Newham Agreed Syllabus. Children feel safe in expressing their religious views as stated in Article 14 (UNICEF: Freedom of thought, belief and religion)

  • Foundation Stage RE is taught through cross curricular links focusing on several themes: celebrating special times, stories and what they tell us, identity and relationships.
  • At Key Stage 1 and 2, there is a systematic study of Christianity and the other 5 principle religions in the UK (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism).
  • Our syllabus provides opportunities to teach all religions practiced within our school community including atheist and agnostic points of view.
  • Each year group is encouraged to visit a place of worship to enable real and hands on learning opportunities in RE.

Pupils are encouraged to think critically and raise fundamental questions about beliefs and values.


At Star, we prepare children to thrive in the multicultural community of Newham. Pupils are confident and resilient in their own religious beliefs simultaneously showing mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths. Pupils have developed and demonstrated skills and attitudes that allowed them to participate fully at school, in the local community.
Pupils at Star are prepared to contribute positively to life in modern Britain.

Religious Education Core Content


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