The aim of the Spanish curriculum at Star Primary School is to introduce our pupils to key aspects of learning a foreign language, fostering a broader interest in and understanding of other languages and cultures. Our staggered curriculum is designed to gradually develop pupils’ linguistic knowledge and skills, ensuring that each child makes progress throughout their time at Star. By learning Spanish, Star pupils will be better prepared for their transition into secondary school, and will have developed valuable skills in an increasingly multinational and multicultural society.
The Spanish curriculum at Star is complemented by our commitment to Star Human Rights: Respect, Independence, Growth, Happiness, Trust and Support.





Initially, Spanish Lead Teachers at Star are introducing key concepts of Spanish to pupils across Key Stage 2 while classroom teachers observe, with the intention of the latter gaining experience and eventually teaching the language themselves. INSET is also provided half-termly to ensure that classroom teachers have the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver Spanish lessons.
In their Spanish lessons pupils are expected to apply their knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar and syntax to learning a foreign language.

The Spanish curriculum is implemented through five skills:

Listening Speaking Reading Writing Grammar

These skills will be delivered through the classroom teacher and pupil workbook.


At Star Primary School, staff and pupils show enthusiasm and excitement for our Spanish curriculum. Pupils begin to make connections between Spanish and their native languages and their knowledge of English grammatical structures is also being reinforced. By learning Spanish, pupils are initiating a journey that not only allows them to communicate with others, but also to understand and celebrate other cultures as well as develop an awareness of the world around them.

Spanish Core Content


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