Equality Objectives

Equality Strand 


How will the impact of the action be monitored?

Who is responsible for implementing?

What are the timeframes

Early success indicators


Publish and promote the Equality Plan through the school website, newsletter and staff meetings. 

Question about parent awareness of Equality Scheme in annual survey 

Headteacher / SLT/ designated member of staff 

Immediately after Equality Plan is agreed by governing body 

Staff are familiar with the principles of the Equality Plan and use them when planning lessons, creating classroom displays 

Parents are aware of the Equality Plan 


Encourage pupils to take on more responsibility through the school. Prefects, House Captains, Head Boy & Head Girl.(School council, monitoring stairwells, office duties, playground buddies, breakfast club duties, Ict monitors, rights ambassadors.)

Help resolve friendship issues by using the schools zones of regulations.  

Pupil surveys, staff meetings feedback, increase in pupils’ participation, confidence and achievement levels

Headteacher / SLT/ designated member of staff (Asma Rizvi)


Pupils are more visible throughout the school taking responsibility and showing initiative. Pupils feel proud when supporting and helping others. Pupils lead tours of school environment and talk confidently about the curriculum.


Continue to promote the “Nurturing and Growing Together” ethos.

Pupil survey findings

School council

Talking to pupils


Phase Leaders to monitor pupil targets and assess impact

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff


There is measurable progress in children’s enjoyment and engagement at school.

Children display a sense of self –belief that they are able to achieve their true potential.

Children are able to track their own progress; have clear identifiable goals.

Children show interest and desire to aspire to new things and plan a future career.


Be a rights respecting school

Children are able to vocalise rights,

children’s actions and behaviours embody the children’s rights.

Achieve gold rights respecting award



gold summer – 2022

Rights are embedded in lessons, units of work.

Rights are displayed in all classrooms and linked to displays.

Autumn 1 – Rights theme is successful in generating talk around rights.


Celebration of faiths linked to RIGHTS


Book sampling

Pupil voice/surveys

celebration weeks e.g. Inter- Faith week

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff


Heightened awareness of other faiths and cultures across the school.


Rigorous analysis of data to ensure all pupils achieve. Identified groups of pupils targeted to raise attainment. 


Particular focus on writing in Reception, KS1 and LKS2.

Half termly assessments.

Data to LA.

SLT discussion on progress with external School Improvement Partner. 

HT report to Governors.

HTDM termly

Headteacher / SLT Governing body 


Reading, writing and phonics is extremely well taught and translates to over 70+% of pupils achieving the ELG for reading and writing and 80+% of children passing the phonics screening in Y1


To use the new Community Room in order to engage more parents in specific workshops which link in with school priorities. Parent Information Meeting every term. 

Parental Questionnaires 

Feedback from staff

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff

Termly PIM Meetings

Programme of parental workshops in place for the spring /summer term.

Parents are more informed of ways to support their children.


Arrange family events which will showcase the school’s commitment to Internationalism – Summer festival/winter festival

School pastoral Team 

to facilitate events and complete

Parent Surveys

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff

Summer 2022

Parents and the local community take part in an event ‘Summer festival’ that highlights Internationalism and Cultural Awareness.

Winter festival celebrates seasonal change and family and community cohesion.


Ensure that the rights based curriculum/ black history month promotes role models that young people positively identify with, which reflects the school’s diversity 

Increase in pupils’ participation, confidence and achievement levels 

History lead, through history lesson plans linked to Star 

writing scheme.


Notable increase in participation and confidence of targeted groups 


To drive Out of School Hours Learning ( through a variety of lunchtime and after school club.

Parent and pupil questionnaires.

Impact of provision closely tracked by Coordinator – feedback to HT

Assessment file for Quality Assurance Mark – updated regularly.

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff


Pupils have access to a wide range of experiences that are sport related, creative, technical as well as academic.

Increase in attendance as children want to come to school.

Development of the whole child; particularly social skills.

School accreditation in recognition of provision  


To disseminate Star’s excellent SEND practice across schools.

To share exemplars of pupil profiles and child centred plans with colleagues across the LA.

Termly meetings with parents

Governors meetings

SLT meetings

LA Cluster meetings

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff


Consistent approach to pupil profile and child centred plans across the school

Pupils aware of personal targets

Parents fully informed and on board 

Good practice followed up with the LA


Recognise and represent the talents of able pupil programmes, and ensure representation on the programmes fully reflects the school population 

Able pupils monitored by race, gender and disability 

 Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff

From Sept 2019

Analysis of the able pupils indicates it is changing to reflect the school’s diversity 


Ensure that displays in classrooms and corridors promote diversity and linked to RIGHTS based curriculum.

Increase in pupil participation, confidence and positive identity – monitor through RSHE 

Headteacher / SLT /designated member of staff 


More diversity reflected in school displays across all year groups