The Prefects

Our School Prefects are selected on a basis of continued good merit having consistently proved themselves to be outstanding role models to all pupils in the school. These children have been recognised by the senior leaders and their teachers as caring, courteous and considerate members of the school community who show exceptional politeness and good manners to everybody at all time.

Prefects and House Captains are willing to go above and beyond expectation to ensure adults and children alike are happy and feel welcome. They show a commitment to their learning and work exceptionally hard at all times to produce work of the highest standard. Similarly they show a commitment to the extended curricular activities both in and out of school. Their co-operative attitude shows their exceptional leadership skills within a team and makes them outstanding models for fair play.

Your prefects will be happy to help you with any difficulties you may be having in the playground or around school. The children take their roles very seriously, and tirelessly work to improve the school environment for all.