Human Rights

Article 2 speaks about Non-discrimination and states that “All rights apply to all children without exception.”

Over the last half-term all the children have been learning about Human Rights and significant historical figures during Black History Month. From Rosa Parks to Jesse Owens and Nelson Mandela to Mary Seacole, the children have delved into their learning with passion, curiosity and empathy. Pupils have grasped a huge understanding of the importance that these figures have made to the lives of the people around them and the world we live in today.

We showcased our learning with a speech- making competition where pupils needed to speak with a high degree of articulation, compassion and confidence in order to clearly argue their viewpoint. Maintaining the audiences’ interest with voice, tone, pace and eye contact was key.  Pupils delivered their well-structured, emotive speeches with pride and an explosion of expression! The standard was exceptional and the drive and spirit the children used blew the judges away!

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