At Star we believe that improving attendance will have a positive impact on improving academic attainment at school.  We have implemented a range of strategies and initiatives which have had a positive impact.









We promote good attendance at Star by:

  • Regular monitoring: weekly, half termly and termly attendance reviews. This is data is reviewed by the AHT and attendance officer who feed back to SLT and to Governors.
  • Using incentives: weekly attendance bears, termly certificates and golden ticket yearly raffle.
  • Targeting attendance in EYFS through the use of attendance teddies as a reward for 100% attendance across a half term.
  • Following the guidelines as outlined by the borough and continuing to support families and build positive relationships to help support the parent in improving their child’s attendance.
  • Where appropriate we offer support and hold pre-emptive meetings to avoid unnecessary distress to families. Penalty notices are an option for persistent unauthorised absences.
  • Implementing the Newham procedure of Penalty notices for holidays taken within term time.
  • Raising the profile and importance of coming to school by featuring attendance figures in the school monthly newsletter so that parents have a report about attendance on a regular basis.
  • Attending regular training to inform the school of new legal responsibilities; to support us in meeting the Ofsted expectations for attendance; make us aware of new approaches to improve good attendance.