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Congratulations to Eliza on some fantastic writing!

Well done to Hamzah for some fantastic walking! The achievement is immense and both mum and Hamzah should be praised for their hard work, perseverance and resilience.

Great work Mahir on your fantastic counting and number writing! Hearing you count all the way 100 as well as writing the numbers in order, is just mesmerising. Well done!

Nashwan has made a huge progress with his letter formation and is using them to show the initial sounds of words. Congratulations Nashwan! Congratulations to Haremm for using a variety of natural resources to create art!

Congratulations to Hareem for using her phonics knowledge so well and remembering how to spell tricky words! Sophia is now able to write all the numbers up to 10 independently. Well done Sophia, this is a massive achievement for you.

Khadija has been producing fantastic Maths with the help of her older sister Amira. She’s used her toys to act out her Math song before working on doubling and addition. Congratulations Khadija!

Congratulations to Hudson for learning about capacity and recognising which one is nearly empty, half full and nearly full.

Abdullah says ‘thank you NHS’ with his beautiful rainbow!  We love how you’re sharing the happiness – well done Abdullah!

Kevin would like to thank his teacher Ms Raja by playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin! Congratulations Kevin, what a star you are!

Congratulations to Narayan for writing his own shape poem about the Sun  and performing it so well! The Sun makes us happy too!


As part of the ‘Thank A Teacher Day’ on May 20th 2020, Gehvan set out to find the best way to express his gratitude to all the teachers at Star Primary, with extra special focus on his teacher Miss Bradley.
This is fantastic work Gehvan! Well done!

Korneliya celebrating Happy Teacher Day!

In year 4 we have been learning all about the human digestive system. Natan has created this fantastic diagram! Well done Natan!


Well done Rae on a very well researched Shakespeare Factfile!!!

Congratulations Karolina on such an informative Science project!!!