Early Years Foundation Stage

It is a momentous time in a child’s life when they start school for the first time, our staff are dedicated to ensuring that your child settles in happily and securely by creating a stimulating and purposeful environment.
At Star, we have prioritised our environment and have worked hard to ensure that everything on offer is of high quality.



We offer a morning and afternoon Nursery with 1 teacher and 3 key workers responsible for your child’s progress and learning. In the Nursery, at the start of the session parents are welcome to settle their children by encouraging them to engage in an activity either indoors or outdoors.

At Star we allow children time to follow their interests in a carefully planned, stimulating and enabling environment. Allowing children to make their own choices enables deep learning and the application of knowledge to take place. Children in the Nursery have an indoor learning space and an exciting outdoor space with a woodlands to promote curiosity and language.



Our Reception has four small classes of approximately 22 children per class. The classrooms are connected to a fantastic library space which promotes a love for reading and role play. Children in Reception have free flow access to a very exciting and challenging outdoor area which promotes all areas of learning. The children have many exciting activities to choose from including; woodwork, painting, sewing, a mud kitchen, construction, bikes, role play, exciting reading areas and much much more.

In Reception children learn through play for most of the day. However, the children are taught some subjects through more formal adult-led teaching. These subjects include maths and phonics. At Star we use Read Write Inc (RWI) to teach the children how to read. The children learn individual sounds and use these sounds to make and read words. In Maths we follow a scheme called Maths No Problem to expose the children to maths in the environment using real and purposeful scenarios.


Learning in the EYFS

At star we prioritise high well-being for all children which enables them to feel safe and secure which in turn supports them to be inquisitive, curious, motivated and confident learners. As a Rights Respecting school our EYFS pedagogy and curriculum compliments the way our children learn. Children learn best when they are engaged in self-chosen explorations and play. At Star we provide a calm, caring and nurturing environment that enables children to reach their full potential.  We allow children time to follow their interests in a carefully planned stimulating and enabling environment.

Our practitioners continually plan “in the moment”. Each time they interact with a child, they are observing, assessing, planning for, and teaching, the individual child. This happened there and then using their expertise and experience to decide the most beneficial response to consolidate or move the learning forward.