Portal to the Past

On Monday 13th December the Year Three pupils time travelled to Ancient Egypt with the Portals to the Past workshop. We started our day in an exciting assembly where we explored the location of Egypt and the geographical features surrounding it. Following a gripping retelling of the Egyptians and their lives through the dramatic tones of Steve-Amun-Rah, we explored different aspects of Egypt, from creeping through a tomb discovering artefacts such as a tomb guardian to learning about the Ankh which is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifying “life”. We then tried our luck at a brain scratching quiz where we could test our Ancient Egyptian knowledge. Finally, we learnt about the ancient measurement of Egyptian cubics and took turns measuring ourselves! In the afternoon, we had a whole year group assembly where we explored what happened when a Pharaoh died. We made a makeshift tomb before learning the ancient knowledge of mummification. Finally, we celebrated the life of the Pharaoh before we elected our new Pharaohs! What an action packed full day.

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